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  • The danger of the wide product

    Working at Watu I came up with the categorization of products by width. There are products that are wide and products that are narrow. They have different traits and understanding those traits is important. Watu is a wide product. Twitter is a narrow product while Facebook is wider. This is not a matter of complexity…

  • DNSk9, my latest project

    I’ve made a continuous DNS checker called DNSk9. I’ve made a video explaining it:

  • Almost losing faith in a product

    Seth Godin wrote an interesting blog post titled “Two ways to build trust” in which he says that, to gain someone’s trust, you have to either be very professional, or very human. You are either like Apple: everything just works because they are super professional, or you are Joe the Baker who would make a…

  • I speak Esperanto, the t-shirt

    I speak Esperanto, the t-shirt

    I’ve designed a t-shirt. In the front it says “Mi parolas Esperanton”. In the back it says: I speak Esperanto Yo hablo Esperanto Ich spreche Esperanto Je parle espéranto 我说世界语 Я говорю на эсперанто Io parlo Esperanto You can buy it now.