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  • Finding a co-founder for your startup

    Finding a co-founder for your startup

    Update: this list is now being maintained on it’s own page: Finding a co-founder Someone recently contacted me at MicroMentor with a few questions about their startup, including, how to proceed without a business partner. I told him he should probably find one and then I discovered I had more co-founder search resources than I […]

  • Moving to London, joining a startup

    I’m making a lot of changes in my life. I’m moving to London… tomorrow. I’m really excited about it. I wanted to live in London for a while already. In that topic, do you know anyone that wants to share a flat in the London Bridge area? Also, I’m changing jobs. In London I’m joining […]

  • What is a "startup project"?

    I’m (hopefully) creating a term: “startup project”. A startup project is a project done on the side, not setting up a company, with or without partners, with the intention of one day becoming a startup. I don’t have a startup, but I have many startup projects. Many silly little ideas with great aspirations. I need […]

  • Going viral

    I was just pointed to Checkmint, a tool for monitoring servers that is being developed. I’m not sure if it’s going to be a good one or not, but upon subscribing to get the news I was forwarded to this page: That is brilliant, great move to get people to invite more people to try […]