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  • Keep on Posting in Startup Killer

    My startup project Keep on Posting was reviewed in Startup Killer. If you have a couple of minutes and want to do me a favor, please, take a look, comment, vote, etc: http://www.killerstartups.com/Web-App-Tools/keeponposting-com-have-an-active-blog Thank you.

  • See the status of your trackings whenever you want

    In Keep on Posting you can now see the status of your trackings whenever you want (we still send the email alerts of course). If you hover your mouse pointer over a startus you’ll get a tooltip with more details:

  • Hiding suspended blogs and labels

    If you have, manage or keep track of a ton of blogs and twitter accounts like I do, I just implemented a couple of features in Keep on Posting that you’ll love: hide suspended blogs and hide link labels. Here’s a screenshot with everything being shown: and here’s another with everything hidden:

  • Suspending and activating trackings on Keep on Posting

    You asked for it and you got it. If you go on a vacation or you temporarily stop posting in a blog, you can now suspend the tracking at Keep on Posting (without deleting it) and activate it whenever you want. What’s the difference between suspending and deleting? There are two. First, you still have the…

  • Keep on Posting: for those that forget about their blogs

    Whether you forget about your blog or your twitter account because you have more interesting things to do, or you are trying to run 100 different blogs, this tool might come in handy: Keep on Posting. Keep on Posting periodically checks your blog, twitter account or anything that has a feed and analyses your posting…