I believe most music we like we like by association. What I mean by that is that we don’t like the music because of the music itself but because of what we associate to it. We probably do that with most stuff but if you think about it, shouldn’t music taste vary much more from person to person, and yet it seems most generations like the same stuff and continue to like it for the rest of their lives.

My hypothesis is that they are young, they are enjoying life with friends, and whatever music you make them listen to they’ll like by association of having a good time. Now, when I was a teenager I didn’t tend to have a good time with other people, thus I more or less hate the popular music of that era. What I’ve really loved was watching movies.

Soundtracks excite me, soundtracks take me to another world, I love listening to soundtracks, specially as background music. I can close my eyes to Indiana Jones and the last crusade and see the movie. When I was kid that was the movie. I can put it on and feel that every line of code I type gets me closer to the grail, every test that passes is a dead nazi. Great music, great movie!

I’ve just remember this because I’m listening a lot to Inception lately and, this you’ll only understand if you watched the movie, but every time I reach the point where Edith Piaf sings (in Waiting for a Train) I almost say “Oh fuck! Oh fuck oh fuck!”.